Ryan Tannehill is back and eager to make fans excited for 2018

Number 17 is back in uniform on the practice field with a big smile on his face. 

Every May all NFL teams hold voluntary practices for players to come out and run through plays they do not really use for months. Not really “voluntary” practices, all players come out and get to work in the blistering sun and prepare themselves for training camp essentially.

For number 17, it is pure excitement to be on the field.

Frustrating by watching the game with the coaches, even worse watching practice as well all of 2017. After being sidelined with a torn ACL, Ryan Tannehill couldn’t take the smile off his face in the first day of Dolphins OTA’s. Discouraged by watching the game with the coaches, even worse watching practice as well.

After a season of Jay Cutler under center, Tannehill looks to be more poised and more ready than ever. After six years of Tannehill in Miami, theres not much more to say than he is arguably and above average quarterback. With a frustrating and wavering fan base in Miami, these Dolfans want to see an elite Tannehill. All in all, this may be his last chance to prove himself to the Dolphins and to the city of Miami.

Under the steady eye of head coach Adam Gase, Tannehill has improved through the work they have put in together. Gase has had history with great quarterbacks as in Peyton Manning, other than the fiasco of Cutler last season, Tannehill has improved and can only get better from here.

His last eight games on the field included 215 yards per game, 69.1 percent of his passes were completed, with 13 touchdowns and five interceptions. Let’s face it, he looked pretty good. The five picks are a little too much for eight games, but he looked like a solid quarterback.

You can tell Tannehill was eager and and ambitious to get out on the football field all last season on the sideline. Standing next to Gase and other coaches, listening on in every play, helping and guiding other players through out the game and just being involved constantly along with being on crutches. With a year off he has a better understanding on what Gase and this offense is trying to do to get back in the playoffs.

With some work left to do for the rest of OTA’s and going into training camp this summer, Tannehill and the rest of the gang need to get back on track with their “star” quarterback. It all starts with a healthy Tannehill and the rest will fall into place for the Fins. The multiple weapons Miami acquired through the draft and offseason include Danny Amendola, Albert Wilson, Frank Gore, Mike Gesicki, Durham Smythe and Kalen Ballage. This will give Tannehill a chance to start fresh with some new players and return to the scheme of this offense.


College GameDay Picks Week 10


Army at Air Force

Des – Air Force

Thurman – Air Force

Corso – Air Force

Kirk – Army

Gaby – Air Force

Penn State at Michigan State

Des – Penn State

Thurman – Penn State

Corso – Penn State

Kirk – Penn State

Gaby – Penn State

LSU at Alabama 

Des – Alabama

Thurman – Alabama

Corso – Alabama

Kirk – Alabama

Gaby – Alabama

Clemson at NC State

Des – Clemson

Thurman – Clemson

Corso – Clemson

Kirk – Clemson

Gaby – Clemson

Baylor at Kansas

Des – Baylor

Thurman – Baylor

Corso – Baylor

Kirk – Baylor

Gaby – Baylor

Arizona at USC

Des – USC

Thurman – USC

Corso – Arizona

Kirk – USC

Gaby – USC

Stanford at Washington State

Des – Stanford

Thurman – Washington State

Corso – Washington State

Kirk – Stanford

Gaby – Washington State

Texas at TCU

Des – TCU

Thurman – TCU

Corso – TCU

Kirk – TCU

Gaby – TCU

Iowa State at West Virginia 

Des – West Virginia

Thurman – West Virginia

Corso – Iowa State

Kirk – Iowa State

Gaby – Iowa State

Virginia Tech at Miami (Kirk Calling Game)

Des – Miami

Thurman – Miami

Corso – Virginia Tech

Gaby – Miami

Oklahoma at Oklahoma State

Des – Oklahoma State

Thurman – Oklahoma State

Corso – Oklahoma State

Kirk – Oklahoma

Gaby – Oklahoma State

Sold Out Crowd Top 25 — Week 10

ohio state penn

(Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)


1) Alabama (8-0) – Nick Saban has had we week to get ready with a big matchup against LSU in Tuscaloosa.

2) Georgia (8-0) – The Bulldogs continue to steam roll through the SEC.

3) Ohio State (7-1) – What a massive come from behind win for the Buckeyes against number two Penn State. Ohio State is back in the College Playoff picture, like we knew they would be.

4) Wisconsin (8-0) – The Badgers took care of Illinois and continue to take care of business on their side of the B1G.

5) Clemson (7-1) – Clemson came to play against Georgia Tech. They displayed how dominant they can be once again. When it is all said and done, the Tigers will be in the playoff.

6) Notre Dame (8-1) – Notre Dame is one point away from being undefeated. They showed how good of a team they are in a massive win over a good NC State team. The College Football Playoff committee will be much nicer to Notre Dame than I am being right now. Do not be surprised to see them in the playoff picture later on today.

7) Miami (7-0) – Although they have not put together a comfortable win since Duke in September, Miami escaped October undefeated. The Hurricanes carry the nations longest active winning streak — 12 games. The Canes host Virginia Tech in a matchup that could decide the ACC Coastal.

8) Penn State (7-1) – Penn State was leading the whole game, but could not close it out when it mattered most. A late Ohio State touchdown was the dagger for the Nittany Lions, who fell 39-38.

9) Oklahoma (7-1) – The Sooners took care of a powerful Texas Tech offense on the road. It was a homecoming for Baker Mayfield, who started his career with the Red Raiders. Bedlam looms on the horizon in a big College GameDay matchup.

10) Virginia Tech (7-1) – The Hokies have outscored their last three opponents 106-20. Their team is clicking on all cylinders and Justin Fuente believes they are the best team in the ACC. They will have to prove that against a tough Miami team in a top 10 matchup in South Florida.

11) Oklahoma State (7-1) – The Cowboy offense stalled a bit against Texas last weekend, but bounced back in a big way at West Virginia. Stillwater is going to be absolutely nuts for this weekends matchup with Oklahoma.

12) TCU (7-1) – Turnovers killed the Horned Frogs who dropped a big game at Iowa State. The Big 12 just got a lot more interesting. The Frogs travel to Austin to take on a confident Texas team that could be catching the Frogs at a great time.

13) Washington (7-1) – The Huskies are still in a position to win the PAC 12 and they probably will. The loss to Arizona State put them on the back burner, but they are still very relevant. It must be those 10:30 start times.

14) UCF (7-0) – This team will not lose. Period. I wonder where Scott Frost will end up next year?

15) USC (7-2) – After getting demolished by Notre Dame, the Trojans put a similar beat down on Arizona State in a Pac 12 After Dark game. They host Khalil Tate and the potent Wildcat offense this weekend.

16) Stanford (6-2) – Last week, I talked about the risk factor in Thursday night road games. Oregon State gave Stanford a real scare, but the Cardinal found a way to pull it out.

17) Iowa State (6-2) – Matt Campbell has something going on in Ames. You will not find one person that would have told you that Iowa State would beat two top five teams this season. Oh, and they are playing their third string quarterback.

18) LSU (6-2) – The Tigers had a bye week to get ready for this weeks game, but so did Alabama. This matchup is always one of the best of the season and I expect this to be another great game. LSU plays hard and Alabama needs to respect them.

19) Auburn (6-2) – The SEC had plenty of bye weeks for some reason. Auburn has to travel to College Station to take on a Texas A&M team that just got smoked by Mississippi State. The Tigers host Georgia in two weeks.

20) Mississippi State (6-2) – Since dropping two straight (Georgia and Auburn) the Bulldogs have won three straight. They will likely make it four when as they host UMass this coming Saturday.  Memphis (7-1) – Memphis’ only loss on the year came against a UCF team that does not look like they are going to lose at all. They have beaten two ranked teams this year and continue to prove they are worthy of being at least talked about.

21) NC State (6-2) – The Wolfpack suffered a tough loss to Notre Dame, but they kept it close in the first half. Notre Dame is as good as they have been and teams like NC State cannot always over come those types of teams. They are still very much in the picture in the ACC and they host Clemson in a game that will likely decide the ACC Atlantic. USF (7-1) – Unfortunately for the Bulls, their undefeated streak comes to an end in a tough home loss to Houston. They travel to Connecticut to take on the Huskies. Memphis (7-1) – Memphis’ only loss on the year came against a UCF team that does not look like they are going to lose at all. They have beaten two ranked teams this year and continue to prove they are worthy of being at least talked about.

22) Memphis (7-1) – Memphis’ only loss on the year came against a UCF team that does not look like they are going to lose at all. They have beaten two ranked teams this year and continue to prove they are worthy of being at least talked about.

23) USF (7-1) – Unfortunately for the Bulls, their undefeated streak comes to an end in a tough home loss to Houston. They travel to Connecticut to take on the Huskies.

24) Arizona (6-2) – If you have not heard of Khalil Tate you have to go search him up right now. The Wildcats quarterback is averaging 13.4 yards per carry and has 926 yards rushing with eight touchdowns. He has had a run go for over 70 yards in four consecutive games. That is something nobody has done in 10 years. The Wildcats have also won four straight games. They hope to make that five when they take on USC in Pasadena.

25) Michigan (6-2) – Welcome back, Wolverines. You have a couple of extremely winnable games coming up before you travel to Madison to take on Wisconsin. Prove that you belong.

College GameDay Week 9 Picks



Oklahoma State at West Virginia

Des – Oklahoma State

Nicklaus – Oklahoma State

Corso – Oklahoma State

Kirk – Oklahoma State

Gaby – Oklahoma State


TCU at Iowa State

Des – TCU

Nicklaus – TCU

Corso – Iowa State

Kirk – TCU

Gaby – TCU


NC State at Notre Dame

Des – Notre Dame

Nicklaus – Notre Dame

Corso – Notre Dame

Kirk – Notre Dame

Gaby – Notre Dame


Georgia at Florida

Des – Georgia

Nicklaus – Georgia

Corso – Georgia

Kirk – Georgia

Gaby – Georgia


Mississippi State at Texas A&M

Des – Texas A&M

Nicklaus – Texas A&M

Corso – Texas A&M

Kirk – Texas A&M

Gaby – Texas A&M


Washington State at Arizona

Des – Arizona

Nicklaus – Washington State

Corso – Arizona

Kirk – Arizona

Gaby – Arizona


USC at Arizona State

Des – USC

Nikalus – Arizona State

Corso – Arizona State

Kirk – Arizona State

Gaby – USC


Michigan State at Northwestern

Des – Michigan State

Nicklaus – Michigan State

Corso – Michigan State

Kirk – Michigan State

Gaby – Michigan State


Penn State at Ohio State

Des – Ohio State

Nicklaus – Ohio State

Corso – Ohio State

Kirk – Ohio State

Gaby – Penn State

Heat Talk: Initial Thoughts

JRICHSo far so good (for the most part) for the Miami Heat just a week into the season. They are 2-1 and have seemed to get better as each minute of each game has gone by.


On opening night last Wednesday, the Heat lost to the Magic 116-109.


If you listened to our podcast on the website or over on iTunes, you heard how I felt about this loss. By no means did I panic, but against an inferior Magic team, you need to handle business. These are the losses that later in the year, in a tight race for the playoffs, can come back to bite you in the ass.


Giving up 116 points to the Magic obviously shows it wasn’t the best defensive game for the Heat, but hey, it was opening night.


On Saturday night, the Heat took on a young Pacers team and did what they needed to do. Hassan Whiteside did not play due to a bone bruise in his knee that he suffered in the 3rd quarter of the Magic game. The Heat started to really click and offense and give us a taste of how good they can be throughout this game. Dion scored 19 points and looked as healthy as he could possibly look. The ankle which I was worried about doesn’t seem to be a problem as of now.


Goran scored 23 points and threw in 5 rebounds with 3 assists. The Heat ended up winning the game 112-108. The game wasn’t as close as the score indicated guys, the Pacers made a late run near the end of the game.


Just letting you guys know that James Johnson dunked so viciously on Victor Oladipo that he might end up retiring. I wanted to throw that in there.


Moving on, the Heat played the Hawks last night and won the game 104-93. Still no Whiteside, although I think he should be back soon. Josh Richardson had 21 points along with 4 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks.


This guy is looking like he took the next step. Richardson is the most aggressive ive seen on offense and it is working. He’s always been athletic enough to get to the rim and finish but he’s never really put it together, until now. Josh is playing the best basketball of his career so far and he’s well on his way to becoming the best 2ndround pick the Heat have ever had.


He’s your guy at small forward the rest of the year. Mark my words.


The Heat’s defense has to improve a bit, but that is nothing to worry about in my opinion. You know this organization prides itself on defense, so they will find their way on that end of the court. On offense the team is looking just fine, in three games they haven’t scored less than 104 points. Against the Hawks they made 14 threes which is a good sign, the threes need to fall with this drive and kick offense lead by Goran and Dion.


From what I have seen so far, when Dion finds his way once again and Hassan comes back healthy, this team will compete with just about anyone. I like what I have seen. Wednesday night against the Spurs will be a good test to see where this team is at.


Review – Miami Dolphins 31 – NY Jets 28


I don’t know you, but I am riding a high today. It’s always a great weekend when the Dolphins beat the Jets, and especially the way we did it. My God, the Jets Twitter melt down was glorious. I want to bathe in the tears of Jets fans.


I had someone messaging me during the game, a Jets fan mind you, talking shit about how we’re terrible and how Josh McCown was going to lead them to the playoffs.


Fun Fact Time!


Before this season, Josh McCown has not won back-to-back games in 13 years. 13! The guy is a load of garbage and we absolutely exposed him. Sure, he made some plays in the first half, but we ate him alive. In fact, rumor has it that Cam Wake sacked him again when he was getting on the team plane. He’s seeing 91 in his sleep. It’s fucking beautiful and the Jets are atrocious. Our front seven man-handled the offense with 3 sacks and they held them to only 92 rushing yards. Josh McCown had nice numbers but couldn’t make plays when it counted because our defense is rock solid. Cordea Tankersly and Xavian Howard are play makers and Reshad Jones is trying to end your life every play. I’d be mortified.


Our offense scared me, but you know what? They sacked up. 17 points in the fourth quarter. My God, that was gorgeous. Just scrolling through my TL watching the meltdown unfold was beautiful. It was great. I didn’t gloat, I stayed humble because I’ma gentleman. But now it’s marinated, and this is my world. Jets are in the thunder dome. No lives spared.


That Jay Cutler guy you all were talking shit about? 12 for 16 with 138 yards and two TD’s. THREE of those incompletions were DROPS! Miami Jay is a different animal. They should rename Cutler Bay to Cutler Jay and I mean that with all my heart. He’s meant to don the aqua and orange. It absolutely shattered my heart when I heard he cracked his ribs. I stood for a moment of silence when he got hurt. And what did he do? He walked it off and got his team excited. He probably gave a very impassioned speech to Matt Moore, and he walked into the locker room. That’s my QB. I already ordered his jersey.


Matt Moore came in and did NOT look great right away. He threw a really ugly pick his second drive, but then he remembered the words that Biscayne Jay Cutler said to him and he was inspired once again. He fought hard and lead valiantly and made some great plays. That’s why he’s the highest paid back up in the league – to do just that. Is there now some sort of controversy? Find out in my piece tomorrow (insert shameless plug here followed by the winking emoji).


Our running game was not great, though Ajayi did have some good runs in his 55 yard day, but our receivers ATE. Juice had 7 receptions with 93 yards and a HUGE TD. Not only were his stats impressive, but he embarrassed the Jets secondary. Just toyed with them. It’s Jarvis’s world and were just living in it. I don’t care what the amount is, I hope we sign Landry to a Stantonesque deal. I want him forever. Did you hear that post game speech? Lock him up for life and give him some stake of ownership for when he retires.


Stills had a career day also with 6 catches for 85 yards and two TD’s and Julius Thomas did what I asked him to do in my preview of the game Sunday morning.


I know we have a tough leg of the schedule coming up and no BYE weeks, but we’re 4-2. We’re playing some good football, and if we can play every game like we’ve played the second half of the last two, we’re a force to be reckoned with.


In the meantime, prayers up to my man crush, Jay Cutler. See you soon, boo. Get better.

Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets Preview and NFL Predictions

The sun is shining, the mimosas are flowing, and it’s Christmas Day in Miami – at least to Dolphins fans.


We play the Jets and Dolphins celebrate by showing up to Hard Rock Stadium at 9:00am with loaded coolers, portable grills, and an unrelenting ambition to win today. There will be plenty of that God-awful Green, those stupid Jet hats, and Jersey shore accents. There will be fights, there will be arrests, and there will definitely be some ambulance rides. That is football in Miami for you.


Dan Marino


The series offers plenty of memories, like Dan Marino’s fake spike. The Jets took Ken O’Brien over Marino. I just wanted to remind Jets fans about that.


On to the game.


As we mentioned in Episode 2 of our weekly podcast, The Jets have over performed this year. They kicked our ass earlier this year, and also beat the Jaguars and the Browns. This same team also played a very good first half against the Patriots last week until Tom Brady Brady’d all over the place. They looked very bad and much more Jets like in the second half.


The Jets have the 24th ranked defense in football, though they have plenty of talented young players like Jamal Adams, Sheldon Richardson, and Leonard Williams, amongst others. They also have the 21st ranked offense in the league, and are ranked in the bottom 12 in virtually ever offensive category. What we have seen that if Matt Forte and Bilal Powell can’t run the ball, their offense stalls.


Luckily for us, the Dolphins have the 4th ranked run defense in football right now, and our defense as a whole has been lights out. Kiko Alonso and Lawrence Timmons together pair together like orange juice and champagne. I kind of get why Adam Gase was so quick to forgive. Timmons is a flat out monster.


As far as our defensive line goes, I think I would match them up against any teams in the league. We dominated a good Atlanta Falcons O-Line this week and I do anticipate them to bully a mediocre Jets line today.


As far as our offense goes, I don’t see why we can’t carry over from the second half of last game. It seems like Gase and the offensive staff have finally figured it out, and as we saw, when Ajayi gets going, were tough to beat. Jay Train had 135 yards last week, and I fully expect (demand) a similar type of performance today. Our offensive line held up well last week and we established the ground game, which made Jay Cutler’s job a lot better.


It’s going to be tough having DeVante Parker out, but I think we will manage. If Julius Thomas can be (at the very least) a barely functioning football player today, I think we can have a big day.



Dolphins: 27

Jets: 13



Bills vs. Buccaneers – Bucs 21 Bills 17

Bears vs. Panthers – Panthers 28 Bears 13

Browns vs. Titans – Titans 17 Browns 10

Packers vs. Saints – Packers 38 Saints 34

Colts vs. Jags – Colts 24 Jags 21

Rams vs. Cardinals – Cardinals 28 Rams 27

Vikings vs. Ravens – Vikings 21 Ravens 10

49ers vs. Cowboys – Cowboys 35 49ers 17

Steelers vs. Bengals – Steelers 23 Bengals 13

Chargers vs. Broncos – Broncos 27 Chargers 14

Giants vs. Seahawks – Seahawks 31 Giants 17

Patriots vs. Falcons – Patriots 34 Falcons 28

Eagles vs. Redskins – Eagles 35 Redskins 20