College GameDay Picks Week 10


Army at Air Force

Des – Air Force

Thurman – Air Force

Corso – Air Force

Kirk – Army

Gaby – Air Force

Penn State at Michigan State

Des – Penn State

Thurman – Penn State

Corso – Penn State

Kirk – Penn State

Gaby – Penn State

LSU at Alabama 

Des – Alabama

Thurman – Alabama

Corso – Alabama

Kirk – Alabama

Gaby – Alabama

Clemson at NC State

Des – Clemson

Thurman – Clemson

Corso – Clemson

Kirk – Clemson

Gaby – Clemson

Baylor at Kansas

Des – Baylor

Thurman – Baylor

Corso – Baylor

Kirk – Baylor

Gaby – Baylor

Arizona at USC

Des – USC

Thurman – USC

Corso – Arizona

Kirk – USC

Gaby – USC

Stanford at Washington State

Des – Stanford

Thurman – Washington State

Corso – Washington State

Kirk – Stanford

Gaby – Washington State

Texas at TCU

Des – TCU

Thurman – TCU

Corso – TCU

Kirk – TCU

Gaby – TCU

Iowa State at West Virginia 

Des – West Virginia

Thurman – West Virginia

Corso – Iowa State

Kirk – Iowa State

Gaby – Iowa State

Virginia Tech at Miami (Kirk Calling Game)

Des – Miami

Thurman – Miami

Corso – Virginia Tech

Gaby – Miami

Oklahoma at Oklahoma State

Des – Oklahoma State

Thurman – Oklahoma State

Corso – Oklahoma State

Kirk – Oklahoma

Gaby – Oklahoma State

Sold Out Crowd Top 25 — Week 10

ohio state penn

(Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)


1) Alabama (8-0) – Nick Saban has had we week to get ready with a big matchup against LSU in Tuscaloosa.

2) Georgia (8-0) – The Bulldogs continue to steam roll through the SEC.

3) Ohio State (7-1) – What a massive come from behind win for the Buckeyes against number two Penn State. Ohio State is back in the College Playoff picture, like we knew they would be.

4) Wisconsin (8-0) – The Badgers took care of Illinois and continue to take care of business on their side of the B1G.

5) Clemson (7-1) – Clemson came to play against Georgia Tech. They displayed how dominant they can be once again. When it is all said and done, the Tigers will be in the playoff.

6) Notre Dame (8-1) – Notre Dame is one point away from being undefeated. They showed how good of a team they are in a massive win over a good NC State team. The College Football Playoff committee will be much nicer to Notre Dame than I am being right now. Do not be surprised to see them in the playoff picture later on today.

7) Miami (7-0) – Although they have not put together a comfortable win since Duke in September, Miami escaped October undefeated. The Hurricanes carry the nations longest active winning streak — 12 games. The Canes host Virginia Tech in a matchup that could decide the ACC Coastal.

8) Penn State (7-1) – Penn State was leading the whole game, but could not close it out when it mattered most. A late Ohio State touchdown was the dagger for the Nittany Lions, who fell 39-38.

9) Oklahoma (7-1) – The Sooners took care of a powerful Texas Tech offense on the road. It was a homecoming for Baker Mayfield, who started his career with the Red Raiders. Bedlam looms on the horizon in a big College GameDay matchup.

10) Virginia Tech (7-1) – The Hokies have outscored their last three opponents 106-20. Their team is clicking on all cylinders and Justin Fuente believes they are the best team in the ACC. They will have to prove that against a tough Miami team in a top 10 matchup in South Florida.

11) Oklahoma State (7-1) – The Cowboy offense stalled a bit against Texas last weekend, but bounced back in a big way at West Virginia. Stillwater is going to be absolutely nuts for this weekends matchup with Oklahoma.

12) TCU (7-1) – Turnovers killed the Horned Frogs who dropped a big game at Iowa State. The Big 12 just got a lot more interesting. The Frogs travel to Austin to take on a confident Texas team that could be catching the Frogs at a great time.

13) Washington (7-1) – The Huskies are still in a position to win the PAC 12 and they probably will. The loss to Arizona State put them on the back burner, but they are still very relevant. It must be those 10:30 start times.

14) UCF (7-0) – This team will not lose. Period. I wonder where Scott Frost will end up next year?

15) USC (7-2) – After getting demolished by Notre Dame, the Trojans put a similar beat down on Arizona State in a Pac 12 After Dark game. They host Khalil Tate and the potent Wildcat offense this weekend.

16) Stanford (6-2) – Last week, I talked about the risk factor in Thursday night road games. Oregon State gave Stanford a real scare, but the Cardinal found a way to pull it out.

17) Iowa State (6-2) – Matt Campbell has something going on in Ames. You will not find one person that would have told you that Iowa State would beat two top five teams this season. Oh, and they are playing their third string quarterback.

18) LSU (6-2) – The Tigers had a bye week to get ready for this weeks game, but so did Alabama. This matchup is always one of the best of the season and I expect this to be another great game. LSU plays hard and Alabama needs to respect them.

19) Auburn (6-2) – The SEC had plenty of bye weeks for some reason. Auburn has to travel to College Station to take on a Texas A&M team that just got smoked by Mississippi State. The Tigers host Georgia in two weeks.

20) Mississippi State (6-2) – Since dropping two straight (Georgia and Auburn) the Bulldogs have won three straight. They will likely make it four when as they host UMass this coming Saturday.  Memphis (7-1) – Memphis’ only loss on the year came against a UCF team that does not look like they are going to lose at all. They have beaten two ranked teams this year and continue to prove they are worthy of being at least talked about.

21) NC State (6-2) – The Wolfpack suffered a tough loss to Notre Dame, but they kept it close in the first half. Notre Dame is as good as they have been and teams like NC State cannot always over come those types of teams. They are still very much in the picture in the ACC and they host Clemson in a game that will likely decide the ACC Atlantic. USF (7-1) – Unfortunately for the Bulls, their undefeated streak comes to an end in a tough home loss to Houston. They travel to Connecticut to take on the Huskies. Memphis (7-1) – Memphis’ only loss on the year came against a UCF team that does not look like they are going to lose at all. They have beaten two ranked teams this year and continue to prove they are worthy of being at least talked about.

22) Memphis (7-1) – Memphis’ only loss on the year came against a UCF team that does not look like they are going to lose at all. They have beaten two ranked teams this year and continue to prove they are worthy of being at least talked about.

23) USF (7-1) – Unfortunately for the Bulls, their undefeated streak comes to an end in a tough home loss to Houston. They travel to Connecticut to take on the Huskies.

24) Arizona (6-2) – If you have not heard of Khalil Tate you have to go search him up right now. The Wildcats quarterback is averaging 13.4 yards per carry and has 926 yards rushing with eight touchdowns. He has had a run go for over 70 yards in four consecutive games. That is something nobody has done in 10 years. The Wildcats have also won four straight games. They hope to make that five when they take on USC in Pasadena.

25) Michigan (6-2) – Welcome back, Wolverines. You have a couple of extremely winnable games coming up before you travel to Madison to take on Wisconsin. Prove that you belong.

College GameDay Week 9 Picks



Oklahoma State at West Virginia

Des – Oklahoma State

Nicklaus – Oklahoma State

Corso – Oklahoma State

Kirk – Oklahoma State

Gaby – Oklahoma State


TCU at Iowa State

Des – TCU

Nicklaus – TCU

Corso – Iowa State

Kirk – TCU

Gaby – TCU


NC State at Notre Dame

Des – Notre Dame

Nicklaus – Notre Dame

Corso – Notre Dame

Kirk – Notre Dame

Gaby – Notre Dame


Georgia at Florida

Des – Georgia

Nicklaus – Georgia

Corso – Georgia

Kirk – Georgia

Gaby – Georgia


Mississippi State at Texas A&M

Des – Texas A&M

Nicklaus – Texas A&M

Corso – Texas A&M

Kirk – Texas A&M

Gaby – Texas A&M


Washington State at Arizona

Des – Arizona

Nicklaus – Washington State

Corso – Arizona

Kirk – Arizona

Gaby – Arizona


USC at Arizona State

Des – USC

Nikalus – Arizona State

Corso – Arizona State

Kirk – Arizona State

Gaby – USC


Michigan State at Northwestern

Des – Michigan State

Nicklaus – Michigan State

Corso – Michigan State

Kirk – Michigan State

Gaby – Michigan State


Penn State at Ohio State

Des – Ohio State

Nicklaus – Ohio State

Corso – Ohio State

Kirk – Ohio State

Gaby – Penn State

Sold Out Crowd Top 25 — Week 9

saquon mcsorely(Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports)


1) Alabama (8-0) – Nothing much to see here.

2) Penn State (7-0) – What a statement win for James Franklin and his team.

3) Georgia (7-0) – The Bulldogs were sitting back and relaxing this weekend and they get ready for the Florida Gators next weekend.

4) TCU (7-0) – Holding a team to 21 total yards is unbelievable, even if it is Kansas.

5) Wisconsin (7-0) – The high ranking did not get to the Badgers head. They took care of business against Maryland

6) Clemson (6-1) – Clemson had a bye this week. They play Georgia Tech in Atlanta in primetime.

7) Miami (6-0) – Another close win for the Hurricanes against a Syracuse team that just finished beating sixth ranked Clemson.

8) Ohio State (6-1) – The Buckeyes had all eyes on the Penn State smacking of Michigan. Ohio State hosts second ranked Penn State in the Horseshoe on Saturday night.

9) Notre Dame (7-1) – Notre Dame always gets special treatment when they are good. This is not special treatment — they have just been extremely impressive. A massive win over USC at home will give you the respect you deserve.

10) Oklahoma (6-1) – It took a very late touchdown to beat Kansas State in regulation. As I have mentioned, it is not easy to win in Manhattan. The Sooners found a way to get it done.

11) Oklahoma State (6-1) – It has been quite some time since we have seen the Cowboys offense struggle, but it seems like Texas tests every offense they face. This is a big win for Oklahoma State over a good team.

12) Virginia Tech (6-1) – Virginia Tech blew out a bad North Carolina team. They host their second straight team from North Carolina when Duke strolls into town Saturday night.

13) Washington (6-1) – Washington had a bye week to figure out what went wrong against Arizona State. They host UCLA next weekend for a chance to bounce back.

14) Washington State (7-1) – It is clear to me now that the Cougars overlooked Cal. They sharpened back up and shut out a well-coached Colorado team.

15) South Florida (7-0) – Just keep winning, Bulls. I want to see USF and UCF both play while undefeated.

16) NC State (6-1) – NC State had to be impressed with what they saw Notre Dame do to USC. A bye week should help get the Wolfpack ready to get another win as underdogs in South Bend.

17) UCF (6-0) – A big road win at Navy for the Knights. It is all set up perfectly for November 24 when USF comes into town.

18) Michigan State (6-1) – Not the prettiest win for the Spartans over Indiana, but a win is a win.

19) Stanford (5-2) – Those midweek games can be testy, but coming off a bye week should help the Cardinal be ready for whatever the Beavers throw at them on Thursday night.

20) USC (6-2) – The Trojans got exposed on Saturday. I do not believe that Notre Dame is more talented, but that they were more prepared as a unit that USC was. I thought this game would be the Trojans chance to solidify themselves as a national contender, but they are pretenders once again.

21) LSU (6-2) – What a turn around by this team. If not for Troy, LSU would be a top 15 team. To bounce back from a loss like that with wins against Florida, Auburn, and Ole Miss is impressive. They have two weeks to prepare for Alabama. Good luck, Tighas.

22) Auburn (6-2) – The Tigers bounced back against Arkansas by handing them a quality 32-point loss.

23) West Virginia (5-2) – Baylor has given scares to Oklahoma and West Virginia this year. Finding a way to win means a lot to the committee because winning is better than losing (duh). A matchup with Texas next weekend is going to be exciting for Big 12 fans.

24) Memphis (6-1) – A big Thursday night win against Houston leaves Memphis on this list by the skin of their teeth. But, say it with me guys, “A win is a….”

25) Iowa State (5-2) – Yeah, you heard me. Their only two losses came against very strong teams and they were both close games. They have won three straight games: Oklahoma, Kansas (shutout), and Texas Tech. This team has looked brand new since the Oklahoma win and they deserve to be ranked.

College GameDay Week 8 Picks



Louisville at Florida State

Des – Louisville

Carter – Louisville

Corso – Louisville

Kirk – Florida State

Gaby – Florida State


Oklahoma State at Texas

Des – Oklahoma State

Carter – Oklahoma State

Corso – Oklahoma State

Kirk – Oklahoma State

Gaby – Oklahoma State


Syracuse at Miami

Des – Syracuse

Carter – Miami

Corso – Miami

Kirk – Miami

Gaby – Miami


UCF at Navy 

Des – UCF

Carter – UCF

Corso – UCF

Kirk – UCF

Gaby – UCF


Georgia Southern at UMASS

Des – Georgia Southern

Carter – Georgia Southern

Corso – UMass

Kirk – UMass

Gaby – UMass


Iowa State at Texas Tech

Des – Texas Tech

Carter – Iowa State

Corso – Texas Tech

Kirk – Texas Tech

Gaby – Texas Tech


LSU at Ole Miss

Des – LSU

Carter – LSU

Corso – LSU

Kirk – Ole Miss

Gaby – LSU


USC at Notre Dame

Des – Notre Dame

Carter – Notre Dame

Corso – USC

Kirk – Notre Dame

Gaby – USC

Michigan at Penn State (Kirk Calling Game)

Des – Michigan

Carter – Penn State

Corso – Penn State

Gaby – Penn State

Syracuse at Miami Preview and Prediction

When I looked at the schedule, initially, I did not look much at this weekends game. Syracuse was just another game on the schedule and there were plenty of others to look at before the Orange. Then last weekend happened. Syracuse upset Clemson, which left me stunned. Syracuse knocked Clemson quarterback, Kelly Bryant, out of the game and left Clemson scrambling for offense. Dino Babers and company found a way to win at home against a team that beat them 54-0 in 2016. It was a massive win for the program and it also gives Syracuse a reason to walk into Miami with a chip on their shoulder. This team knows they can come into Miami and pull off back-to-back top ten upsets. Their offense has catalyzed that confidence due to the playmaking ability of a couple of solid upperclassmen.

Eric Dungey is the leader of the Syracuse offense. Not only is he the quarterback of the team, but he leads the team in rushing. Dungey will call his own number often, especially in red zone situations — it is almost a guarantee that Dungey is going to try and run it in himself from inside the 20 yard line. Dungey has eight rushing scores so far in 2017 which is why I believe limiting Dungey’s ground game will be a focal point of Manny Diaz’s scheme going into Saturday. Dontae Strickland is their primary back, but does not get the most touches. Strickland is averaging just 3.1 yards a rush and his longest run of the year is just 15 yards. Moe Neal is a guy that Syracuse could use in the passing game from the backfield.

Apart from the ground game, Eric Dungey has been an exceptional passer in 2017. He is completing 64.2 percent of his passes for 2080 yards for the 4-3 Syracuse Orange. One trend I noticed with the Syracuse offense is that they absolutely will take deep shots in the passing game. Senior wide receiver, Steve Ishmael, is third nationally in receiving yards with 802 and leads the nation in receptions with 62. It is a sure bet that Eric Dungey is going to be looking for Ishmael, who happens to be from Miami. Ishmael graduated from North Miami Beach High School in 2014 and has turned into one of the premier players in the country. I would imagine that a big homecoming for Ishmael is something he is greatly looking forward to.

On the other hand, wide receiver Ervin Phillips is third in the nation is receptions (56) and tied for 24th in receiving yards with 569 yards. Syracuse is going to pass the ball a lot. Against a very talented NC State team, Phillips had 17 receptions for 188 yards. Ishmael is not a one man show. This offense is very talented and they are going to test the Miami defensive backfield. They will not be scared to throw up and bet one of there guys will come down with it. Both of these senior receivers have seen and done just about everything in their four years of college football. Miami is going to have their hands full with these two. Ravian Pierce and Devin Butler are also guys that Miami is going to need to account for in the passing game.

Defensively, Syracuse looked good against Clemson. They are averaging 14 less points per game as a defense from a year ago, which is a massive step forward. They are 38th in rushing defense and are allowing opponents to rush for an average of 128.9 yards. They are allowing 223 yards per game passing, good for 67th nationally. This defense is improved, but it will not be the anywhere near the top defenses that the Hurricanes have played so far. Their pass rush is very suspect. That is not good news for Syracuse because Miami’s offensive line has been playing at a high level. The Orange have just ten sacks on the year. Syracuse is going to have to create pressure if they want to beat Miami. If the offensive line can toy with the Syracuse front, it is going to be a long day for the Orange. Miami has too many athletes of offense for them to make mistakes. Another factor to consider is the weather. In Syracuse, they play in a giant air- conditioned dome. In Miami, it is going to be hot and humid in a way they cannot possibly replicate of prepare for, unless they practice in a sauna.

For Miami, they need to find a way to start games faster. Miami keeps waiting until the second half of games to start playing real football offensively. The defense is solid, you guys keep doing what you are doing. I do not know if it is the plays that Mark Richt is calling, or just a lack of execution. Regardless, it needs to get figured out soon. Malik Rosier has been as good as we could have hoped for as Canes fans. He is completing 59.1% of his passes and has done a great job of not turning the ball over. Syracuse is susceptible to big plays, so this could be a big day for Ahmonn Richards. He tears up defensive backs who cannot match his athleticism and I believe we are going to see him catch a big one tomorrow afternoon.

It is clear that Miami has the intention of running the ball. On the year, Miami has passed the ball 175 times and ran it 160. Travis Homer is stepping up in a big way after the injury to Mark Walton allowed him to step into this new role. Homer has the burst and speed we were not seeing from Walton because of his ankle injury. In his first start last week against a solid Georgia Tech defense, Homer erupted for 170 yards on 20 attempts. He is averaging 8.5 yards per carry and Syracuse has not given me any reason to think that they will slow down Homer. I believe we are going to see Miami hit their stride as an offense in the first half of this game.

This game is going to be decided by our defense. That gives me a great sense of peace because this unit has been awesome. Maybe not as great as we would hope at times, but in the second half of games they have been incredible. Eric Dungey has been sacked 20 times this year. Our defensive line is going to be able to create penetration without having to blitz a lot of people and that will force Dungey to have to make decisions. If he wants to throw it up to Ishmael, I trust Malek Young to make a play. I know our defense is capable of handling this offense. The Hurricanes are ranked ninth nationally in passing defense, which is the strength of this Syracuse team. Miami knows they need to come out and make a statement on Saturday. I think Miami does that in a big way.


Miami finds their groove early and creates a comfortable lead for our defense. I believe Miami will score at least three times in the first half, making way for the team to erupt and break the game open in the second half. Miami is best when the nation second guesses them. If it were up to ESPN, Miami would be 1-4 this year. The disrespect is being felt among the program and there is no better opportunity for the Hurricanes to make a statement than right now by beating a team who just beat Clemson. Travis Homer runs for 140 yards with two touchdowns. Malik Rosier throws for 275 and two touchdowns, one being a big play by Ahmonn Richards. I am going to hold off on the freshman scoring this week, which in turn would lead to the freshman actually scoring this week. The battle of Miami’s turnover chain vs the Syracuse golden gloves will be won by us. Miami will pick off Dungey twice in the game, even though he will play well. I really like Eric Dungey but Miami is going to be hot and humid and the athletes we have on the team tower the athletes at Syracuse. It is not as ideal of a matchup for Syracuse as people might think. But go ahead, ESPN, and everyone else. Pick Syracuse to win. Do it again next week so that you can continue to fuel the Cardiac Canes. Miami makes a statement.

Miami: 38 Syracuse: 23

College GameDay Standings –Week 7

It was a big weekend for in the College GameDay standings. I took first place back from Kirk Herbstreit by putting up a 9-1 performance. My only loss on the day was Auburn being upset by LSU. Auburn held a 20-0 lead at one point of the game, but could not finish. The Auburn mascot even trolled the LSU fans by dressing up as the Troy mascot, then they lost. Karma is a…


Anyways, next to our names I am going to place the record for this past weekend in parenthesis. I hope everyone is starting to truly understand that I belong on the GameDay committee. I fully expect #GetGabyToGameDay to be trending on twitter in about two hours. Miami is having a good year and we have some big games coming up, so lets reach for the stars people. I have earned it by my standards that I created.


Week 7 Standings

1)  Gaby: 45-16 (9-1)  .738 

 2) Kirk: 41-15 (7-3) .732

 2)  Des: 42-19 (9-1) .689

 4) Corso: 39-22 (3-7) .639