Review – Miami Dolphins 31 – NY Jets 28


I don’t know you, but I am riding a high today. It’s always a great weekend when the Dolphins beat the Jets, and especially the way we did it. My God, the Jets Twitter melt down was glorious. I want to bathe in the tears of Jets fans.


I had someone messaging me during the game, a Jets fan mind you, talking shit about how we’re terrible and how Josh McCown was going to lead them to the playoffs.


Fun Fact Time!


Before this season, Josh McCown has not won back-to-back games in 13 years. 13! The guy is a load of garbage and we absolutely exposed him. Sure, he made some plays in the first half, but we ate him alive. In fact, rumor has it that Cam Wake sacked him again when he was getting on the team plane. He’s seeing 91 in his sleep. It’s fucking beautiful and the Jets are atrocious. Our front seven man-handled the offense with 3 sacks and they held them to only 92 rushing yards. Josh McCown had nice numbers but couldn’t make plays when it counted because our defense is rock solid. Cordea Tankersly and Xavian Howard are play makers and Reshad Jones is trying to end your life every play. I’d be mortified.


Our offense scared me, but you know what? They sacked up. 17 points in the fourth quarter. My God, that was gorgeous. Just scrolling through my TL watching the meltdown unfold was beautiful. It was great. I didn’t gloat, I stayed humble because I’ma gentleman. But now it’s marinated, and this is my world. Jets are in the thunder dome. No lives spared.


That Jay Cutler guy you all were talking shit about? 12 for 16 with 138 yards and two TD’s. THREE of those incompletions were DROPS! Miami Jay is a different animal. They should rename Cutler Bay to Cutler Jay and I mean that with all my heart. He’s meant to don the aqua and orange. It absolutely shattered my heart when I heard he cracked his ribs. I stood for a moment of silence when he got hurt. And what did he do? He walked it off and got his team excited. He probably gave a very impassioned speech to Matt Moore, and he walked into the locker room. That’s my QB. I already ordered his jersey.


Matt Moore came in and did NOT look great right away. He threw a really ugly pick his second drive, but then he remembered the words that Biscayne Jay Cutler said to him and he was inspired once again. He fought hard and lead valiantly and made some great plays. That’s why he’s the highest paid back up in the league – to do just that. Is there now some sort of controversy? Find out in my piece tomorrow (insert shameless plug here followed by the winking emoji).


Our running game was not great, though Ajayi did have some good runs in his 55 yard day, but our receivers ATE. Juice had 7 receptions with 93 yards and a HUGE TD. Not only were his stats impressive, but he embarrassed the Jets secondary. Just toyed with them. It’s Jarvis’s world and were just living in it. I don’t care what the amount is, I hope we sign Landry to a Stantonesque deal. I want him forever. Did you hear that post game speech? Lock him up for life and give him some stake of ownership for when he retires.


Stills had a career day also with 6 catches for 85 yards and two TD’s and Julius Thomas did what I asked him to do in my preview of the game Sunday morning.


I know we have a tough leg of the schedule coming up and no BYE weeks, but we’re 4-2. We’re playing some good football, and if we can play every game like we’ve played the second half of the last two, we’re a force to be reckoned with.


In the meantime, prayers up to my man crush, Jay Cutler. See you soon, boo. Get better.

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