Heat Talk: Initial Thoughts

JRICHSo far so good (for the most part) for the Miami Heat just a week into the season. They are 2-1 and have seemed to get better as each minute of each game has gone by.


On opening night last Wednesday, the Heat lost to the Magic 116-109.


If you listened to our podcast on the website or over on iTunes, you heard how I felt about this loss. By no means did I panic, but against an inferior Magic team, you need to handle business. These are the losses that later in the year, in a tight race for the playoffs, can come back to bite you in the ass.


Giving up 116 points to the Magic obviously shows it wasn’t the best defensive game for the Heat, but hey, it was opening night.


On Saturday night, the Heat took on a young Pacers team and did what they needed to do. Hassan Whiteside did not play due to a bone bruise in his knee that he suffered in the 3rd quarter of the Magic game. The Heat started to really click and offense and give us a taste of how good they can be throughout this game. Dion scored 19 points and looked as healthy as he could possibly look. The ankle which I was worried about doesn’t seem to be a problem as of now.


Goran scored 23 points and threw in 5 rebounds with 3 assists. The Heat ended up winning the game 112-108. The game wasn’t as close as the score indicated guys, the Pacers made a late run near the end of the game.


Just letting you guys know that James Johnson dunked so viciously on Victor Oladipo that he might end up retiring. I wanted to throw that in there.


Moving on, the Heat played the Hawks last night and won the game 104-93. Still no Whiteside, although I think he should be back soon. Josh Richardson had 21 points along with 4 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks.


This guy is looking like he took the next step. Richardson is the most aggressive ive seen on offense and it is working. He’s always been athletic enough to get to the rim and finish but he’s never really put it together, until now. Josh is playing the best basketball of his career so far and he’s well on his way to becoming the best 2ndround pick the Heat have ever had.


He’s your guy at small forward the rest of the year. Mark my words.


The Heat’s defense has to improve a bit, but that is nothing to worry about in my opinion. You know this organization prides itself on defense, so they will find their way on that end of the court. On offense the team is looking just fine, in three games they haven’t scored less than 104 points. Against the Hawks they made 14 threes which is a good sign, the threes need to fall with this drive and kick offense lead by Goran and Dion.


From what I have seen so far, when Dion finds his way once again and Hassan comes back healthy, this team will compete with just about anyone. I like what I have seen. Wednesday night against the Spurs will be a good test to see where this team is at.


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