Sold Out Crowd Top 25 — Week 9

saquon mcsorely(Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports)


1) Alabama (8-0) – Nothing much to see here.

2) Penn State (7-0) – What a statement win for James Franklin and his team.

3) Georgia (7-0) – The Bulldogs were sitting back and relaxing this weekend and they get ready for the Florida Gators next weekend.

4) TCU (7-0) – Holding a team to 21 total yards is unbelievable, even if it is Kansas.

5) Wisconsin (7-0) – The high ranking did not get to the Badgers head. They took care of business against Maryland

6) Clemson (6-1) – Clemson had a bye this week. They play Georgia Tech in Atlanta in primetime.

7) Miami (6-0) – Another close win for the Hurricanes against a Syracuse team that just finished beating sixth ranked Clemson.

8) Ohio State (6-1) – The Buckeyes had all eyes on the Penn State smacking of Michigan. Ohio State hosts second ranked Penn State in the Horseshoe on Saturday night.

9) Notre Dame (7-1) – Notre Dame always gets special treatment when they are good. This is not special treatment — they have just been extremely impressive. A massive win over USC at home will give you the respect you deserve.

10) Oklahoma (6-1) – It took a very late touchdown to beat Kansas State in regulation. As I have mentioned, it is not easy to win in Manhattan. The Sooners found a way to get it done.

11) Oklahoma State (6-1) – It has been quite some time since we have seen the Cowboys offense struggle, but it seems like Texas tests every offense they face. This is a big win for Oklahoma State over a good team.

12) Virginia Tech (6-1) – Virginia Tech blew out a bad North Carolina team. They host their second straight team from North Carolina when Duke strolls into town Saturday night.

13) Washington (6-1) – Washington had a bye week to figure out what went wrong against Arizona State. They host UCLA next weekend for a chance to bounce back.

14) Washington State (7-1) – It is clear to me now that the Cougars overlooked Cal. They sharpened back up and shut out a well-coached Colorado team.

15) South Florida (7-0) – Just keep winning, Bulls. I want to see USF and UCF both play while undefeated.

16) NC State (6-1) – NC State had to be impressed with what they saw Notre Dame do to USC. A bye week should help get the Wolfpack ready to get another win as underdogs in South Bend.

17) UCF (6-0) – A big road win at Navy for the Knights. It is all set up perfectly for November 24 when USF comes into town.

18) Michigan State (6-1) – Not the prettiest win for the Spartans over Indiana, but a win is a win.

19) Stanford (5-2) – Those midweek games can be testy, but coming off a bye week should help the Cardinal be ready for whatever the Beavers throw at them on Thursday night.

20) USC (6-2) – The Trojans got exposed on Saturday. I do not believe that Notre Dame is more talented, but that they were more prepared as a unit that USC was. I thought this game would be the Trojans chance to solidify themselves as a national contender, but they are pretenders once again.

21) LSU (6-2) – What a turn around by this team. If not for Troy, LSU would be a top 15 team. To bounce back from a loss like that with wins against Florida, Auburn, and Ole Miss is impressive. They have two weeks to prepare for Alabama. Good luck, Tighas.

22) Auburn (6-2) – The Tigers bounced back against Arkansas by handing them a quality 32-point loss.

23) West Virginia (5-2) – Baylor has given scares to Oklahoma and West Virginia this year. Finding a way to win means a lot to the committee because winning is better than losing (duh). A matchup with Texas next weekend is going to be exciting for Big 12 fans.

24) Memphis (6-1) – A big Thursday night win against Houston leaves Memphis on this list by the skin of their teeth. But, say it with me guys, “A win is a….”

25) Iowa State (5-2) – Yeah, you heard me. Their only two losses came against very strong teams and they were both close games. They have won three straight games: Oklahoma, Kansas (shutout), and Texas Tech. This team has looked brand new since the Oklahoma win and they deserve to be ranked.

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