Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets Preview and NFL Predictions

The sun is shining, the mimosas are flowing, and it’s Christmas Day in Miami – at least to Dolphins fans.


We play the Jets and Dolphins celebrate by showing up to Hard Rock Stadium at 9:00am with loaded coolers, portable grills, and an unrelenting ambition to win today. There will be plenty of that God-awful Green, those stupid Jet hats, and Jersey shore accents. There will be fights, there will be arrests, and there will definitely be some ambulance rides. That is football in Miami for you.


Dan Marino


The series offers plenty of memories, like Dan Marino’s fake spike. The Jets took Ken O’Brien over Marino. I just wanted to remind Jets fans about that.


On to the game.


As we mentioned in Episode 2 of our weekly podcast, The Jets have over performed this year. They kicked our ass earlier this year, and also beat the Jaguars and the Browns. This same team also played a very good first half against the Patriots last week until Tom Brady Brady’d all over the place. They looked very bad and much more Jets like in the second half.


The Jets have the 24th ranked defense in football, though they have plenty of talented young players like Jamal Adams, Sheldon Richardson, and Leonard Williams, amongst others. They also have the 21st ranked offense in the league, and are ranked in the bottom 12 in virtually ever offensive category. What we have seen that if Matt Forte and Bilal Powell can’t run the ball, their offense stalls.


Luckily for us, the Dolphins have the 4th ranked run defense in football right now, and our defense as a whole has been lights out. Kiko Alonso and Lawrence Timmons together pair together like orange juice and champagne. I kind of get why Adam Gase was so quick to forgive. Timmons is a flat out monster.


As far as our defensive line goes, I think I would match them up against any teams in the league. We dominated a good Atlanta Falcons O-Line this week and I do anticipate them to bully a mediocre Jets line today.


As far as our offense goes, I don’t see why we can’t carry over from the second half of last game. It seems like Gase and the offensive staff have finally figured it out, and as we saw, when Ajayi gets going, were tough to beat. Jay Train had 135 yards last week, and I fully expect (demand) a similar type of performance today. Our offensive line held up well last week and we established the ground game, which made Jay Cutler’s job a lot better.


It’s going to be tough having DeVante Parker out, but I think we will manage. If Julius Thomas can be (at the very least) a barely functioning football player today, I think we can have a big day.



Dolphins: 27

Jets: 13



Bills vs. Buccaneers – Bucs 21 Bills 17

Bears vs. Panthers – Panthers 28 Bears 13

Browns vs. Titans – Titans 17 Browns 10

Packers vs. Saints – Packers 38 Saints 34

Colts vs. Jags – Colts 24 Jags 21

Rams vs. Cardinals – Cardinals 28 Rams 27

Vikings vs. Ravens – Vikings 21 Ravens 10

49ers vs. Cowboys – Cowboys 35 49ers 17

Steelers vs. Bengals – Steelers 23 Bengals 13

Chargers vs. Broncos – Broncos 27 Chargers 14

Giants vs. Seahawks – Seahawks 31 Giants 17

Patriots vs. Falcons – Patriots 34 Falcons 28

Eagles vs. Redskins – Eagles 35 Redskins 20



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