College GameDay Week 8 Picks



Louisville at Florida State

Des – Louisville

Carter – Louisville

Corso – Louisville

Kirk – Florida State

Gaby – Florida State


Oklahoma State at Texas

Des – Oklahoma State

Carter – Oklahoma State

Corso – Oklahoma State

Kirk – Oklahoma State

Gaby – Oklahoma State


Syracuse at Miami

Des – Syracuse

Carter – Miami

Corso – Miami

Kirk – Miami

Gaby – Miami


UCF at Navy 

Des – UCF

Carter – UCF

Corso – UCF

Kirk – UCF

Gaby – UCF


Georgia Southern at UMASS

Des – Georgia Southern

Carter – Georgia Southern

Corso – UMass

Kirk – UMass

Gaby – UMass


Iowa State at Texas Tech

Des – Texas Tech

Carter – Iowa State

Corso – Texas Tech

Kirk – Texas Tech

Gaby – Texas Tech


LSU at Ole Miss

Des – LSU

Carter – LSU

Corso – LSU

Kirk – Ole Miss

Gaby – LSU


USC at Notre Dame

Des – Notre Dame

Carter – Notre Dame

Corso – USC

Kirk – Notre Dame

Gaby – USC

Michigan at Penn State (Kirk Calling Game)

Des – Michigan

Carter – Penn State

Corso – Penn State

Gaby – Penn State

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