College GameDay Standings –Week 7

It was a big weekend for in the College GameDay standings. I took first place back from Kirk Herbstreit by putting up a 9-1 performance. My only loss on the day was Auburn being upset by LSU. Auburn held a 20-0 lead at one point of the game, but could not finish. The Auburn mascot even trolled the LSU fans by dressing up as the Troy mascot, then they lost. Karma is a…


Anyways, next to our names I am going to place the record for this past weekend in parenthesis. I hope everyone is starting to truly understand that I belong on the GameDay committee. I fully expect #GetGabyToGameDay to be trending on twitter in about two hours. Miami is having a good year and we have some big games coming up, so lets reach for the stars people. I have earned it by my standards that I created.


Week 7 Standings

1)  Gaby: 45-16 (9-1)  .738 

 2) Kirk: 41-15 (7-3) .732

 2)  Des: 42-19 (9-1) .689

 4) Corso: 39-22 (3-7) .639

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