Can the Beasts be Beat?

cavs warrirosThe million-dollar question that everyone wants to know going into this year’s NBA season is “Can anyone dethrone the Cavs in the east and the Warriors in the west?”
The answer isn’t that simple, well, actually it kind of is.
No, I don’t believe anyone will be able to knock off these two goliaths.
The Cavs got significantly better and the Warriors are the Warriors. I’m not sure they can get much better. I really do believe the Cavs have their best roster since LeBron returned back in 2014. Isaiah
Thomas (when healthy) will be just as dynamic a scorer with the Cavs as Kyrie was.
Thomas was the focal point of every defense when he played with Boston last year and he still managed to average 29ppg. That shows you how elite his scoring ability is. Now in Cleveland he has LeBron, Kevin Love and Dwyane Wade by his side. Opposing defenses have so many players to lock in on that it’ll give Isaiah the space he hasn’t seen in years. If he can heal up and come back 100%, he will have an impact similar to Kyrie’s – Maybe even better.
A pickup that I think has gone under the radar is Jae Crowder’s. People forget how valuable Crowder was in the success of the Celtics. He knocks down his shots when he was open and is one of
the top defensive wing players we have in this league. With his addition, Kevin Love moves to the center position which will provide offensive mismatches for him on almost a nightly basis.
The most important thing Crowder will add to the Cavs is his help on defense for LeBron. His addition now means LeBron won’t have to deal with the other team’s best offensive player on a
nightly basis. Something like this is crucial as the season goes on for LeBron’s output and stamina for the playoffs.

Long story short: It’s Cleveland and then everyone else in the East. Boston only has four returners coming back from last years roster. While they added two stars in Kyrie and Gordon
Hayward, we need to see how their supporting cast will contribute because Cleveland is as deep as they come.

When it comes to the Warriors and the Western conference, I want to say its Golden State and everyone else. But, I am a little hesitant thanks to that team in Oklahoma City.
I think they were constructed perfectly as the team to threaten Golden State.
Will they? I am not sure. But man, that starting lineup is no damn joke. I think the Thunder’s starting lineup can go toe to toe with that of the Warriors, but can the bench unit be good enough? That is what can potentially be the difference.

Secondly, can the Thunder mesh? That is the other million-dollar question. Russel Westbrook and Carmelo have been known to be ball dominant players. PG13 can play off ball really well but he is obviously at his best with the ball in his hands and scoring.

If these guys can learn to co-exist, they will be the only major threat to the Warriors. If these
two teams meet up in the playoffs, it will be the most entertaining series of the playoffs. Period.

End of Story.

The Warriors with KD have a championship year under their belt of experience and now they will only be better.

Can the Spurs compete with them? I mean, I guess, but they are another year older. How about the Rockets? They have a nice team, I think CP3 and James Harden will complement each other
well, but at the end of the day, what they do is similar to what GS does. GS just does it better.
In June, I see another rematch for the fourth straight season and I see another Warrior championship.
Warriors beat The Land in 6.

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