Sunday Morning Brunch – Dolphins Preview and NFL

Football and Sundays go together like mimosas and Eggs Benedict. In fact, I often like to celebrate football Sundays with a couple mimosas. I also like to drink mimosas on Sundays when it’s not football season. This isn’t relevant information, I just really like mimosas. Enough about that though (as I pour my third before 10:00am), the Dolphins play today.


Our beloved Miami Dolphins are in Atlanta to play the Super Bowl runner-ups. The Dolphins are coming off a 16-10 win against an average Titans team. Our offense really struggled that game and it is really hard to find something positive to say about it. In fact, it’s really hard to say anything positive about our offense all year. We are DEAD last in the NFL in total yards and we are the ONLY team in the NFL to not break 1,000 yards this season TOTAL. We’re sitting at 925 total yards on the year. Second closest? The Buffalo Bills with 1,358. That is a 433 yard difference. I know the Dolphins are short a game because of Hurricane Irma, but Tampa Bay missed a game also, and they have 1,496 yards on the year. BEST case scenario, how things have been going, we are still probably dead last and sitting at about 1,200 yards if we play that first game.


BUT WAIT! Theres more!


The Dolphins are also DEAD LAST in yards per game (231.2) AND yards per play (3.9). If this trend continues today, we’re in trouble. Atlanta always has a good defense, and their offense is amongst the best in the league.


The Atlanta Falcons defense is tenth in the league in yards per game (318.2) which definitely isn’t good for a team who struggles to move the ball against mediocre defenses. The highest ranked defense the Dolphins have played going into this week? The Tennessee Titans coming in 22nd in the league, so bright side is the Dolphins beat the best defense they faced (insert crying emoji here).


The only positive is that the Falcons have a turnover margin of -4, which is one of the worst in the NFL. They give the ball away a lot more than they take it away. The Dolphins have one of the best defenses in the league. We’re giving up the third fewest points per game, and we’re top ten in virtually every defensive category.


The only hope we have is that our top ten defense is a lot better today than their top ten offense and we can force some turnovers to give our offense some field position and maybe even some points (again), and our offense somehow, someway, has pieced it together since last Sunday.


In our podcast this week, Gaby BET HIS LIFE that my spirit animal, Smokin’ Jay Cutler is going to throw for 300 yards today. I already lost my humiliation bet, but I’d be willing to suffer alone if it meant that he threw for that number with 4 TD’s. I’ll do whatever Gaby is going to make me do with a smile on my face.


However, I’m also a Dolphins fan. I know how this movie ends.


Falcons 24

Dolphins 13



Ravens vs. Bears – Ravens 27-17

Texans vs. Browns – Texans 31-14

Vikings vs. Packers – Packers 24-21

Saints vs. Lions – Lions 35-27

Jets vs. Patriots – Patriots 34-10

Redskins vs. 49ers – Redskins 24-13

Cardinals vs. Bucanneers – Bucs 34-31

Jaguars vs. Rams – Jaguars 17-14

Chiefs vs. Steelers – Chiefs 27-21

Raiders vs. Chargers – Chargers 21-17

Broncos vs. Giants – Broncos 38-7

Titans vs. Colts – Titans 27-24



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