College GameDay Standings — Week 6


I took a couple of chances this past week that backfired a bit. Kansas State was a team I liked a lot coming into the year and I thought they could get it done in Texas as underdogs.

LSU was coming off a tough home loss against Troy and instead of assuming they would bounce back, like they did, I leaned toward the side of them losing their confidence in Coach Orgeron. They are playing a load of young talent and I did not think they were there yet. I had picked against Florida almost every weekend to open the year and they were finding ways to win. I thought they could get it done at home. Shockingly enough, the Gators let me down. It was a big win for Tigers in Gainesville.

The whole GameDay staff got Michigan wrong. I, along with my fellow colleagues, figured the Wolverines defense was going to be too much for a Spartans team that has yet to score more than 18 points in a game. It turns out the Michigan offense was the unit that struggled against a hard-nosed defense in a torrential downpour in Ann Arbor. That came as no surprise because their offense has been suspect all year.

I got bumped down to second place and Kirk has not stopped blowing up my phone to let me know about it. His cockiness has fueled the fire even more. I am coming for you, Herby. There are some great games coming up this weekend and I am excited to share my picks with you guys. Below you will find the standings from Weeks 2-6.

Week 6 Standings

1) Kirk: 34-12  .739

 2) Gaby: 36-15  .706

 2) Corso: 36-15  .706

 4) Des: 33-18  .647

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