An Ugly W – Review of the Miami Dolphins 16-10 Win Over the Tennessee Titans

Good afternoon Sell Outs


An interesting tidbit about the game today – I was there. I sat in what felt like a million and one degrees, spent about $40.00 on water, and I sat through an offense that will either put you to sleep or make you pull your hair out. Those of you that know me know that I do not have too much left up there. I’m all of 26 years old and I have thinner hair than pretty much everyone I know, so I was really trying not to tug on whats left of my locks today.


But anyway.


We won the game. It was ugly, but as the saying goes; “Winning ugly is better than losing pretty.”


Today was ugly. Really ugly.


Our ten million dollar quarterback had 92 passing yards and a staggering 1.8 yards per pass attempt. ATTEMPT. As in Smoking’ Jay isn’t taking shots down field.


I get pretty much every Dolphins fan is ready to hand Moore the rock. In fact, as early as about the 8 minute mark of the game, “WE WANT MOORE” chants echoed through The Rock.


We ran into some dumb luck when we managed to sack Matt Cassel and the ball propelled forward for Reshad Jones to pick up and make a crib call. Other than that, the first half was more of the same. Our defense dominated and our offense was insulting to the game of football. Cleo Lemon led  offenses ran smoother.


Allow me to defend Jay Cutler for a brief moment, however. He had ZERO time in the pocket because the offensive line was offensive to watch, which in turn means the running game wasn’t able to get going. The receivers also dropped plenty off footballs and our TE’s are laughable. In fact, I scoffed after Julius Thomas celebrated after finally making a catch.


The drive our offense finally scored, I’ll admit that Jay Cutler had a fantastic drive. I saw him making adjustments at the line, making good throws, and we walked right down the field. Fantastic. It did leave me with one question though….




I don’t know what happened before that drive. I don’t know what was said to who. I don’t know if they made adjustments during halftime. I don’t know if Cutler was just relieved to finally have his usual halftime cigarette. But whatever we did, why does this come out only once?


The same crowd that was chanting “WE WANT MOORE” started chanting “WE LOVE CUTLER.” It was the most Miami thing I have ever seen. It was more Miami than South Beach, Cuban restaurants, and people who don’t speak English combined. How the mood of the fans changed so quickly ASTONISHED me. I’ve been around sports my whole life. I’ve been to as many sporting events down here as anybody, so I have seen a lot. I was legitimately shocked.


This being said, I think it is unfair to totally blame Jay Cutler or our offense. I blame coaching more than anything. I think we have a lot of talent on this roster. Ajayi is as good of a running back as you’re going to find in the league, Landry is one of the most sure-handed and consistent receivers in the game, and Parker is finally living up to the hype when we drafted him, though his game ended early after an injury. We have three first round picks on our O-Line and I would put our defense up against just about any defense in the league. Gase needs to do a better job. I’m not sure what he needs to do, but he needs to do it yesterday, or it is going to be a long season.


Our defense was spectacular, with Kiko and Jones leading the pack. I have no complaints, other than our very young cornerbacks getting beat a little too much, but they will get better with repetition and experience.


At the end of the day, we won. If we didn’t win after almost having a heat stroke, I may have taken a swan dive off of the 300 section head first, so I live another day.


I’m incredibly sun burnt, I almost died, I may already be hungover, and I spent way too much money on the most basic resource on the planet, but we won, and I will sacrifice myself like that for my teams, this site, and you the reader.


We’ll talk more this week, but in the meantime, make sure you follow us on twitter @socsports, Instagram @soldoutcrowdsports, and Facebook (Sold Out Crowd Sports) and STAY TUNED because we have our first ever podcast launching Thursday. So if you have any questions or want us to talk about anything, hit us up on social media or shoot us an email at


Fins Up.

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