Rodney McGruder Loves Basketball More Than You


After going 30-11 in the second half of the season, the Miami Heat are looking to pick up where they left off a year ago. The playoffs were within reach, but Brooklyn sucks too much and could not beat the Bulls in the last game of the season. As the 2017-18 Miami Heat season kicks off, I wanted to shed some light on something that has been on my heart since last season: Rodney McGruder is awesome. He is likely going to start this year and looks to kick off his coveted 110% Award campaign on October 18th, when the Heat travel all the way to Orlando to open the season.

“It reminded me of us a little bit — how it was next man up and just cheering for each other.” That was a quote from none other than the great Rodney McGruder on the Warriors playoff run this summer in an interview with Manny Navarro from the Miami Herald. This guy is a legend. I am talking superstar status. Rodney McGruder compared the now inferior Warriors to this Miami Heat roster full of young and hungry talent. It made me take a step back and reevaluate everything I believed to be true. Yeah, the Warriors are pretty good. I guess some would compare them to all-time great teams, like Jordan’s Bulls or Russell’s Celtics. How about last years Miami Heat team? That is a real comparison. I love this McGruder guy. He consistently guarded the other teams best player and was nicknamed “Scavenger”. He is that guy you play at the park that gets picked up like fifth or sixth and kills everybody’s buzz with his overwhelming effort. If this guy played on Sunday’s he would be a “Gruden Grinder” six times a game.

It is breakout season for Rodney McGruder in 2017. His impact on the game will barely be noticed by reading a stat sheet. Erik Spoelstra called him a “6’4 version” of Udonis Haslem. If that is the case then I hope Riley makes the right move and gives him all the money we never gave Dwyane Wade. This guy oozes the culture that the Miami Heat implants.

In 2017 Rodney McGruder will become a household name in Miami because he is a badass. I will take a big three of Rodney McGruder and two clones of Rodney McGruder over LeBron and his puppet boy, Dwyane Wade. The heart and fight that he brings game in and game out is unmatched around the league.

Rondey McGruder did not even get a haircut this summer because he eat, sleeps, and breathes basketball. He told Manny Navarro, “In the summer you’re just working, not really caring about your appearance — you know what I mean?” Uh, hell yeah, Rodney, I do know what you mean. What you mean is that if you get a haircut, you obviously hate basketball. I feel like a bad writer now because I got at least five haircuts this summer. If I had half the heart this guy had, my hair would be down to my ass. We are fortunate to have a guy who is willing to do what it takes to make Miami great in an unpopular way. Soon you all will see the greatness that is number 17.

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